Job Description

  2. Reports to the Project Manager or Group Manager, as determined by the Group Manager.
  3. Responsible for a single project.
  4. The Project Superintendent is present at jobsite at all times work is being accomplished. Any exception must be approved by Group Manager or Operations Manager.
  5. Attends and participates in company-wide meetings, such as Safety Breakfasts and Superintendent’s meetings, in order to be more effective in representing Pacific Building, Inc. in his daily work activities.
  6. Responsible for representing Pacific Building, Inc. to clients and subcontractors so as to maintain and enhance the company’s reputation for dealing with others in a helpful, fair and reasonable way.

Management Skills

  1. Provides leadership to Pacific Building, Inc. Foremen, Journeymen, and subcontractors, consistent with their varying levels of experience, ability and willingness.
  2. Works with and through others to accomplish project’s schedule, budget, and quality requirements.
  3. Makes an individual estimate of Pacific Building, Inc. portion of work (labor, materials, and equipment) upon assignment to the project and works with Estimator and Project Manager to make sure that sufficient money is included in the estimate.
  4. Labor – Sets up crews and plans labor in a way to assure completion of Work items within budget. Draws (or has detailer draw) details of all major work items to assure smooth
    Sets up competitive situations between crews whenever possible.
  5. Materials – Assures that ordered materials meet the estimated cost. If a problem occurs and the estimated cost cannot be achieved the Superintendent reviews the purchase with the Estimator to determine the source of pricing. If, after review with the Estimator, the estimated cost cannot be made, works with the Project Manager to find alternative savings to offset the loss.
  6. Equipment – Prior to starting work prepares an equipment requirement plan consistent with the estimate. Monitors equipment rental on a continuing basis and discontinues use whenever possible. Uses the Pacific Building, Inc. Yard as the primary source of all equipment rentals and purchases and uses alternate sources only after review with the Group Manager or Manager of Operations.
  7. Subcontractors – Coordinates and manages schedule and quality of Subcontractors’ work so that overall project schedule and quality is attained. This involves working with Subcontractors in a way that claims for extras are minimized as much as possible. Works to avoid conflicts between trades.
    1. Evaluates Foremen’s and Journeymen’s performance in relation to their specific jobs, setting goals for improvement and following them up regularly.
    2. Communicates with subordinates effectively by giving strong direction as well as encouragement and feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. Insures that adequate training is provided to those he supervises.
    3. Develops motivation and teamwork in subordinates.

Personal Skills

  1. Ability to work effectively with Pacific Building, Inc. personnel.
  2. Professional attitude in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, and Consultants, and officials of various political jurisdictions.
  3. Possesses adequate verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Motivates himself to continually learn and take on added responsibility.
  5. Exercises judgement in dealing with problems so that the interests of Pacific Building, Inc. and the Owner are best served.

Administrative Skills

  1. Scheduling – Responsible for the timely execution of the following:
    1. Prepares, monitors, and updates Master Schedule with Project Manager and Project Engineer.
    2. Prepares and monitors two-week rolling schedule with Project Manager and Project Engineer, and keeps it synchronized with the Master Schedule.
      Assists the Project Manager in preparation of the documentation of delays to project (rain, strike or other).
  2. Weekly Coordination Meetings – Participates in preparation and follow through.
    1. Architect/Owner – Assists Project Manager in presentation
    2. Subcontractor – Organizes and conducts.
  3. Stays knowledgeable of all subcontracts and change orders throughout the project. Conducts “pre-work” meeting with all subs before they begin work on the project.
  4. Carries out Pacific Building, Inc. policy on the project.
  5. Claims – works with Project manager and Project Engineer to identify and resolve all project claims such as:
    1. Sub claims for extras.
    2. Insured losses.
    3. Personal injury claims.
    4. Pacific Building, Inc. claims against other parties.
  6. Financial
    1. Assists the Project Manager in the preparation of monthly progress billings.
    2. Assists in the preparation of monthly Control Estimate Fee Adjustments.
    3. Expedites monthly payment from Owner.
  7. Schedule
    1. Documents all schedule problems (strikes, delays, disputes, changed conditions, adverse weather, etc.) on a daily basis in the Daily Diary.
    2. Assists in devising ways to make up lost-time.
  8. Problems – Anticipates problems and works to resolve them before they occur.
  9. Purchasing and Expediting
    1. Assists Project Manager, Estimator, and Project Engineer in
      major buy-outs.
    2. Works with Project Manager and Project Engineer to monitor scheduling and expediting of Pacific Building, Inc. materials, equipment purchases and deliveries.
    3. Identifies and expedites long-lead subcontract items.
    4. Monitors scheduling and expediting submittals of shop drawings, samples, and supplier date for timely approval.
  10. Record Keeping
    1. Labor Cost Codes and reports.
    2. Daily diaries.
      1. Daily job tour
      2. Progress evaluation
    3. Safety inspections, accident log and reports.
    4. Building permit inspections and sign-offs.
    5. Official notices: Beneficial Occupancy, Substantial Completion, Certificate of Occupancy, Notice of completion, warranties/Guarantees.

Technical Skills

  1. Problem solving – Possesses the ability to recognize problems and generate workable alternative solutions for approval and follow through to final resolution of problems. Finds problems early and suggests solutions which minimize costs and delays to schedule.
  2. Construction Technology – Understands construction technology to a high degree, in principle and practice, including reinforced concrete, wood framing methods and engineering details, etc., as well as electrical distribution systems, built-up roofing techniques, heating and air-conditioning systems, and all subcontractor trades.
  3. Has thorough knowledge of project documents, including contract, general conditions, supplementary general conditions, addenda drawings and specifications associated with the project. Monitors updated documents and helps monitor as-built record drawings.
  4. Possesses skill, knowledge and abilities to be not just “a” Superintendent, but a “Pacific Building, Inc. Superintendent”. This involves more than watching a job being built. If is necessary to know all about the basic trades as well as having sufficient knowledge of all sub-trades to timely coordinate the work, anticipate problems and be able to solve them.
  5. Considers the time of year and plans the work in a manner which mitigates the impact of weather.
  6. Safety
    1. Understands Pacific Building, Inc. policy and conducts the work at the project in a manner consistent with the policy.
    2. Establishes and leads in the execution of a Job Safety Program that integrates all aspects of the company’s safety program.
    3. Constantly monitors work at the site and takes decisive action when any unsafe condition or action is discovered.
    4. Assigns a competent craftsman as Safety Coordinator with the responsibility of a twice daily (minimum) project safety inspection.
    5. Immediately contacts the main office Safety Department when an injury, which requires medical attention, occurs.
    6. Document in writing, and with pictures, the circumstances that lead to injury that occurs.
    7. Maintains the project in a neat and clean manner which is conducive to safe working conditions and increased productivity.
  7. Quality Control
    1. Responsible for the project being constructed in a manner that is consistent with the plans, specifications and industry standards.
    2. Prior to allowing any subcontractor to proceed with work, reviews the Subcontractor’s work (including specifications, plans, shop drawings, and submittals) with the sub foreman to insure that he understands the project, and the quality intended.
    3. Reviews the specifications, Pacific Building, Inc. policy, and uses good judgement to determine when mockups are required.
    4. Insures that mockups and samples are prepared in time to allow the Architect and Owner to review and approve. Superintendent should allow sufficient time to prepare additional samples and mockups if rejected by Architect or Owner.
    5. Monitors the work as is being installed and immediately rejects and corrects any work which does not meet the Project Quality Standards.


High School Diploma, Four-year degree in Construction Management preferred. 8 years applicable experience a minimum.