Project Estimator

Project Estimator

Job Description

  1. Performs detailed quantity survey of all architectural, structural and civil trades, for smaller projects or phases or components of larger projects.
  2. Reviews construction documents for completeness, trade coordination, construction methods and scheduling.
  3. Solicits subcontractor/vendor quotations, is knowledgeable of subcontractors’ work and responsible, making initial and repeated contact with subcontractors during budgeting and bidding period.
  4. Prepares bidding documents (Instructions to Bidders, Amendments, Bid Forms, Appendix, etc.) for complete smaller projects or a specific phase of a larger project.
  5. Prepares preliminary budgets and final bid estimates for a complete smaller project or a specific phase of a larger project.
  6. Arranges for quantity checking and math check of extensions.
  7. Completes the control estimate and project coding.
  8. Prepares subcontracts for the successful bidders.
  9. Recaps final estimate and unit costs in R&S systems format for input into cost database.
  10. Competitively bid smaller projects.


Requires an average knowledge of specifications, including basic structural and civil engineering, architectural, mechanical and electrical concepts, as well as an average level of pricing, scheduling and construction methods. Must have the ability to learn conceptual estimating and value engineering. Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


From three to five years field experience.


College degree preferred, preferably in civil or structural engineering or construction management.